“Sky’s Whisper” Press Kit

General Information

Date of release:

Estimated March 2019



Supported platforms:

HTC Vive

Contact information:


Social media links:

Twitter: @skyduststudios
Facebook: @skyduststudios




Pursue one of mankind’s earliest dreams of flying with wings in this dreamy exploration game. Wanting to create a new and relaxing experience in VR, the world we laid out is serene, peaceful and colorful. Fly among beautiful, silent ruins as you pursue a journey to unlock this civilization’s secrets.



Company Biography

SkyDust Studios started off with the ambition of two university students wanting to dive in the unexplored realm of virtual reality. Having previously gained experience in a VR end-of-bachelor’s project, they wanted to make use of their newfound knowledge of VR to create immersive and original games. Soon enough, three artists joined the team and SkyDust Studios had now a set of talent ready to create complete games. As a young and ambitious startup, SkyDust Studios aims to turn unexplored ideas into concrete and original virtual reality games.

Logos and Icons


Provided by Alex St-Onge


Co-founder & Programmer - Ylan Luu
Environment Artist - Peter Tran

Special thanks:

David Binh Quang Tran
I-an Chen
Patricia Lan-Anh Duong
Yvan Luu

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